Deutsche Bank Custody Agreement

3.4 In accordance with the customer`s money rules, we will ask each bank to recognize that all of the money on the customer account balance is held by us as a trustee and that the bank has no right to combine the account with another account, nor to exercise a right of compensation or consideration on that account for an amount owed to us on one of our other accounts. We record records and accounts and vote on these records and accounts to distinguish your customers` money from other customers` money and our own money. A deposit bank or simply a deposit bank is a specialized financial institution that is responsible for guaranteeing the financial assets of a company or person and is not active in « traditional » commercial or retail activities such as mortgages or private loans, branches, private accounts, ATMs, etc. The role of a custodian in such a case would be: (e) « Agreement » any agreement under which we provide you with child care and/or custody services; U.S. bank State Street Corporation is expected to become the world`s largest deposit bank after signing final agreements with Deutsche Bank to acquire its global deposit business. The Germans` business has a fortune of around 2.2 billion euros, which allows state Street`s assets to be retained for up to nearly 8 billion euros, but some market players warn that State Street must work hard to successfully acquire such a small business. The step that should be completed within four months, It provides that State Street buys the fund management services of Deutsche Bank, deposit banking services, securities lending, performance measurement (including the World Cup company), benefit payments business, as well as Nlands and dasclearing deposit in the United States, which are based in the United Kingdom and the United States – assuming that approximately 3,200 people work worldwide and operate in New York, Nashville, London, Frankfurt, Dublin, Edinburgh and Singapore. « It`s a huge acquisition. In fact, it shows commitment to the market, but State Street is extremely brave to adopt an agreement of this size and presence, » commented one viewer. The biggest risk, it seems, is integration because of the huge acquisition.

As State Street is involved in the deal for the foreseeable future, market participants suggest that customers might be tempted to look elsewhere. UBS Warburg points out in its study: « Competitors were eagerly awaiting a wave of PSRs, while German clients are wondering whether they should go to State Street or go elsewhere. » « Customers want the best possible service. State Street must work very hard to prove to its customers, both current and potential, that the German agreement does not cause them to lose their attention », advises a competitor. However, « customer exhaustion » appears to have been taken into account, says UBS Warburg research. State Street has agreed to pay an initial sum of 1.2 billion e1.2 billion to the German, which can be reduced depending on the proceeds of the deadline for the conclusion of the agreement, and then to pay payments of up to 300 million euros, also depending on a one-year contract. According to CSFB research, the activity is currently in the German sector (revenue and expenditure of about $700 million per year).

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