Drexel Housing Agreement

After HRL`s permission, residents may be located in a defined area (ground, building, etc.) Establish policies that establish the quality of the residential experience for all members who favour members (standard community agreements). Bail is not refundable for all acceptable reasons, except in cases of co-op and study abroad. If you have any questions about occupancy conditions, please contact Housing and Residence Life at housing@drexel.edu In addition to these policies, residents must comply with all conditions listed in their signed residence and residence and hospitality agreement, including the university`s residency requirement. Residents are expected to read and understand the agreement before signing. The agreement is updated each academic year and contains a specific language and requirements for residents in student residences and affiliated student organizations. At the beginning of the academic year, roommates must complete the roommate agreement forms that fulfill the basic expectations of all residents of a room or suite. Guests are people who are not attached to the resident host`s room. The main purpose of these spaces is to create a safe and welcoming environment for learning, but it is also a home. Roommates and/or roommates who are unable to find a viable solution should work with HRL staff to communicate conflicts.

Questions about on-campus housing costs and billing should be addressed in housing and accommodation. Housing and Housing Life are aware that there are a number of reasons why a student must cancel their application for residence. All students who wish to cancel the construction of housing must submit an application for a validation form [PDF]. This form allows you to apply for the release of your housing contract. If you have retired from Drexel, have acquired an a-out co-operation position or wish to study abroad, you must complete this form within five business days of the above event. You need to edit and save this form in Adobe. If they are published in a web browser, the changes are not saved. All cancellations fall into one of two categories: acceptable and unacceptable. Before the removal of the accommodation, students should check the corresponding termination fees in order to understand the financial impact of the termination of the dwelling.

Each category has a different set of rules regarding fees/cancellations. All students must sign a housing and accommodation contract (HRL) and an employment contract to obtain a housing contract. By approving living and housing conditions, the resident agrees to comply with the code of conduct and the guidelines relating to residences as well as all local or state regulations. The guidelines for residences are applied at the same time as the code of conduct. Students and student organizations are expected to follow the following guidelines and understand how the guidelines and code are being redistricted.

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