Ontario Colleges Academic Employees Collective Agreement

The second leave issue was partial load staff. The UNION proposed that part-time workers with less than five years of service pay 4% of their gross hourly rate in addition to their leave allowance and workers with five years of service or more than 6% of their gross hourly rate. The arbitrator dismissed the complaint. Only current partial load employees or partial load employees previously employed with the required partial load power were eligible for priority recruitment status. Because the grieving person did not have the required partial load service and was currently employed only part-time, he did not have priority rights under section 26.10 E. The college was able to recruit all the staff it wanted for the partial charge. In November 2019, the award of arbitration from Niagara College (Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology v Ontario Public Service Employees Union, Local 242) clarified the rights of former part-time workers who are currently working part-time. The grieving person was previously partially occupied and had expressed interest in a partial charge during the winter semester of 2019. In the fall of 2018, when the decision was made to offer a partial load contract for the winter semester, the bereavement worked part-time. In its decision, the OLRB examined the overall case law on when people should be treated as teachers and what types of activities should be considered as teaching duties. The OLRB has realized that a person can only be hired to work in a laboratory, to perform coordination functions or to carry out the revision of the curriculum, without any teaching activities being linked to it. It concluded that none of these tasks, independently, would allow the OLRB to treat the individual as a « teacher » and include him or her in the part-time bargaining academic unit. It was therefore difficult to find hours performing these functions if a « lesson » were to be dealt with.

Although universities are required to automatically enroll in extended Health Care, please note that standard coverage applies to a person`s coverage. So be sure to fill out the Sun Life Positive registration form for group insurance benefits to formally indicate your decision to participate in the available benefit rights, with individual or family coverage. As a chief member-teacher (more than 6 hours of teaching per week and up to 12 hours per week), you are a member of the academic unit of collective agreements and is covered by the workers` academic collective agreement.

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