Direct Transfer Agreement University Of Washington

For this program, you must have enrolled in the UW before you can earn an associate degree. After 30 quarterly points at the UW, the University Registration Office electronically informs authorized transfer students of their opportunity to acquire an associate degree by returning an official UW transcript to their former municipality or fachhochschule. Before enrolling for courses at UW for the first time, a student should meet with an academic advisor to plan a program of study. The advisor determines how the transfer credits disclosed in the credit transfer assessment may be used to meet the requirements of the UW`s financial statements. Suppose Admissions awards 120 transfer credits to a student, but only 100 of those credits can be applied to that student`s graduation requirements. If selective appropriations are required, appropriations that do not apply to certain requirements may still be applied to the minimum number of appropriations required for the financial statements. The AAS is aimed at students who wish to start a career immediately after graduation. These degrees include accounting, culinary art or automotive. Some credits can be transferred to a four-year school, depending on the type of credits earned. Depending on the school and degree, some four-year schools may accept the entire AAS. Many types of financial aid limit the time students can get. These limits influence how long transfer students can receive financial assistance after the transfer. Federal, regional and institutional financial assistance programs have different limitations.

Students are generally only eligible for financial aid for 125 or 150% of the duration of the program. Federal loans also have a maximum credit limit per person. The DTA degree is transferred to all four-year public schools and many independent colleges in Washington. It includes general image courses from the lower departments, which most schools need. Students must also maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in terms of eligibility. SAP is a measure of academic performance used by GPA and closed credits. Specific standards may vary from institution to institution. All previous university courses, including transfer courses, are assessed for SAP. After an accredited student has paid the registration and orientation fee for new students and just before the student`s orientation and orientation session, the admissions office concludes an assessment of the transfer points. The UW reserves the right to refuse to take into account courses that are not compatible with those of its maturity studies. Some general categories of courses never receive transfer credits or, in some cases, limited credits (see points marked with an asterisk in the following list).

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