Driver Fuel Card Agreement

Let us correct this with some quick tips for drawing up an effective and comprehensive directive. How should a purchase be made? Indicate whether certain steps must be followed at the time of refuelling, including entering the vehicle number or odometer. Specify whether drivers should also manually record transaction information. Add a language indicating that the driver accepts acceptance declarations by signing the document. Leave room for the driver to print and sign his name and indicate the date for a good level. Then, submit your records so you can find them easily if something goes wrong. What purchases are allowed? Specify the types of purchases that match your policy. If the card is limited to fuel, indicate this and indicate the type allowed (for example.B. only diesel, diesel and lead without normal lead, etc.). What is the point of a policy without implementation? Make sure all current and new drivers sign your new refueling card policy so everyone is on the same page.

Here you can include some gas stations that they are supposed to use. It may seem obvious, but it`s a proven method to give a brief explanation at the beginning so drivers know what they`re signing..

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