Glasgow City Council Tenancy Agreement

The other terms called « additional terms » are the terms you can choose from your rental agreement. You cover a number of rules and you should read them to check if they apply to your property. If you want to add more details to your rental agreement, you can select Word document download, save it to your computer, and add it later. If your short-distance rental agreement is extended on a contractual basis, this may continue in accordance with the Housing Act 1988 (Scotland) until you or your landlord terminate it by announcing it. All equipment made available by the lessor under the lease should be able to be used safely for the purposes for which it was designed. These are the conditions you must legally give your tenant as part of a new lease in Scotland. In the final lease agreement, these terms are referred to as « mandatory clauses » of your agreement. You may not modify or dispose of any of these terms. Since 30 September 2002, all Spire View tenants have Scottish Secure Tenancies (SST). The agreement is signed by the tenants and the association and describes the rights and obligations of both. Guaranteed and short-term guaranteed leases are maintained until the end of the contract, but are then replaced by the new lease. On the day the new rental agreement comes into effect, any guaranteed or secure short lease agreement is maintained until you or your landlord remove it by annoducinating the rented property. The Tenant Information Pack (2016) informs tenants in privately rented apartments.

It talks about your home, rental and landlord and the responsibilities of you and your landlord. The package is not part of your rental agreement, but contains important information that is relevant to you and your landlord. The « type of house » you have chosen covers the interior of your property. If you want to be clear that your rental agreement also covers other areas, such as. B a private garden or community space, you need to list the extra part. This manual provides our tenants with important information about their rental, what their rental services are, how to pay rent or get in touch with us. Electricity, gas, and travel costs are things you may not have had to pay before. The lease you have with GHA is a contract from Scottish Secure Tenancy (SST).

Glasgow`s housing companies are invited to join the city`s Housing First revolution, which provides a home for people facing complex long-term problems. It is your responsibility to ensure that the accommodation is suitable for your needs and complies with all relevant health and safety laws before signing an agreement with the landlord. . . .

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