Subject Verb Agreement Sentence Corrector

A sensitive subject concerns collective names. A collective noun is any noun that represents a larger category comprising several people or elements. Collective names include places where people live (city, county, state, countryside, etc.); teams; businesses; organizations; armies; committees; clubs; political parties; luggage; collections; categories; assemblies; etc. When I say « France, » « IBM, » or « the United States Navy » or « the Greek Orthodox Church, » these are all categories that contain a large number of people, but all are singular nouns and therefore require both singular rejections and singular pronouns. People think of all the people within these categories and are tempted to use plural and plural pronouns: this is one of the favorite traps of the GMAT. How well did you do these worksheets for the subject-verb agreement? Check your answers below and discuss them with a professor if you need more clarity on what the topic match is. Then follow this link to get more information about what the subject-verb agreement is and a definition of a subject-to-worm contract. Here are two subject-verb training games for you: the word « or » and its cousins « either. or » and « ni. Are a little more delicate.

If both pieces are singularly, use a singular verb. If both parts are plural, use a plural platelet. What if we had a singular concept and a plural term connected by « or » or by one of its cousins? This is one of the most damning and anti-intuitive rules in all of grammar. If the two parts of an « or » construction differ in number, the verb number reflects the noun closest to the verb. Instructions: For each question in the worksheet for the subject-verb agreement, there are two possibilities. Choose the one you think is the right one. Use the specialized verb knowledge gained from reading this guide and the verb compliance exercise sets. Quite simply, in cases where distinctions in the number of verbs are useful, singular subjects must have singular verbs, and plural subjects must have plural verbs….

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