Verizon Cell Tower Lease Agreement

We recommend hiring mobile mast rental experts such as Airwave Advisors to ensure your interests are protected. A level playing field and bring knowledge and expertise to the table to get the best deal for you! CellWaves can help negotiate a buyout for homeowners. Leasing buyers want to invest in constant rental flows and we can connect them to our customers to enable the sale. Our fees are based on a percentage of the selling price. So we want the price to be high. If Landmark, Unison or Blackdot have contacted you to buy your mobile tower rental income, you know the prices they are willing to pay. The business model is to acquire your lease as cheaply as possible. In this way, they can make as high a profit as possible on their side. Bring Cellwaves, which means we`ll help you get a higher price for your mobile mast rental contract than they offer you today. Call us, send us an e-mail. Contact us at any time.

What is the rental value of a market-compliant Verizon mobile phone mast on this site? How much money are you asking for? Here is an expert in mobile phone leasing that lets you know how much it is to push! Verizon Lease Verizon Wireless contacted us about a mobile phone mast they want to put their antennas on. They offered us only $500 to rent land though. We were approached with Verizon to place a tower in the countryside, you want to pay $ 700.00 per month for 5 years and increase by 10% thereafter. . If they want to build and install the tower, they will certainly receive much more rent than 1200 if they want exclusive exclusivity. Are you a real estate owner or lessor with an existing Verizon wireless lease or have you been approached by Verizon Wireless and have a question about your lease? We hear it! Verizon/Site mobile phone rental companies can sign up on our rental portal, where you can enjoy the following benefits: We are the company that keeps Verizon Wireless property managers up at night. And we are verizon`s mobile mast rental advisors, whose representatives cry for the acquisition of real estate sites during their status calls. What for? Because we`ve been helping property owners like you manage them successfully for over a decade.

To register for the first time, use Internet Explorer to switch to the vendor portal and complete the vendor interface registration. Please allow 2 business days to verify your account. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email….

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